Why We Are Here

Values and Ethos

The Pluralists Club exists to support, focus and achieve the desires of people to live a fulfilled, multifaceted, Pluralist life.

As more and more people are attracted to pursuing a portfolio career, many are finding that the benefits spread far beyond just work. A portfolio career is fast becoming a portfolio life, with the potential for enormous rewards.

However, the change from a traditional, singular career path to that of a diverse portfolio is not always a smooth one. Similarly, the adjustments at home can sometimes be just as challenging.

Many of the support services and networks associated with a traditional, single workplace role disappear along with your title and advantage once you bid farewell over leaving drinks.

There is a marked transition to the ‘'new world'' of the portfolio lifestyle.

There is a common desire to benefit from a level of remuneration from their activities, although the "currency "will be a mix of money/happiness/time from activities from a number of ventures.

We are a supportive network and safe harbour to define more clearly what you do and don't want to do, fill in any missing skills and attributes, find genuine new opportunities and navigate some of the pitfalls so that you can live a more fulfilling, satisfying life that you WANT to live, rather than the one you are currently living.

The Plurocracy

There is a growing body of men and women who do not wish to be defined by their core profession. As careers for life recede, the trend of living and working on your own terms has come to the fore.

Senior professionals with knowledge and experience are perfectly placed to exploit the opportunity to choose and control their future, electing when they cease "working" for money or pleasure, not having it decided for them...This trend is manifesting itself today as we see the most talented using their skills and experience in many different ways, simultaneously and consecutively for as long as they are able and willing, ignoring the government's official retirement age, and the tradition of a single career. There are so many outputs of the new Plural life, from having multiple sources of income to having many circles of colleagues or carrying many business cards!

Pluralists are in control, they stop working when they want to, not when the government or their employer chooses. Pluralists have a flexible working life which adjusts to fit with everything in their orbit - whether that is exciting and stimulating work, family commitments, a desire to chase a passion, or anything else that may occupy their waking hours.

Some Plural careers are made up of a main job plus a non-executive directorship or two. Others might invlove publishing books, blogging, giving speeches or earning as a consultant. You could be starting a business with a friend or colleague whilst being a non-executive director of another company and investing in property, start-ups and the stock market. You could be an entrepreneur or even a "Rock star"!

Challenges we can overcome

There is no mould which produces a Pluralist. No common origin or predetermined trajectory. It is entirely up to you. However, this immediately poses a problem as there is no well trodden training path or support methodology for Pluralists. To overcome the challenges of being a Pluralist we believe the best approach is to draw on the guidance of others with multifaceted careers.

If you want to break into a world where you are more highly valued and in control of your life, the Pluralists Club can help you. We are the preferred home for those wishing to learn how to pursue a successful Plural career, achieve new goals and build new networks, and be a success on your own terms and in the eyes of others.

Joining us will show you how to plan and execute your Pluralist career. You will learn how to optimise your time and earnings by undertaking work and projects, whether paid or voluntary, to ensure your satisfaction. You will build new and valuable relationships with relevant people who will add value to you and to whom you can add value.

Through networkings, consultancy, mentoring and investing the Pluralists Club could help you win lucrative NED positions. Furthermore, being a Pluralist can lead to exciting opportunities, such as becoming a renowned speaker, earning from your passion, or volunteering at the highest levels.



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