Our Masterclasses are provided to Pluralists to help them to the tools that will further their Pluralist career. As you choose to expand into a Pluralist lifestyle, we introduce you to a variety of ways to pursue it. Your branding, presentation skills and interaction with social media are all covered as well as more career specific topics. We aim to give you a taste of the wide world of possibilities open to you and to give you the tools to take these opportunities in both hands.

The events cover an introduction to the topic and to the speaker, your route into it, and a change to explore why you should do it. We provide a speaker who has specialist knowledge of the topic and often has personal experience of a Pluralist career.

Some of our past and planned future Masterclass topics include:





Property Investment

Hobby to Business

Coaching / Mentoring


Time Management

Writing Your Best Seller

Becoming an Angel Investor

Public Service

Becoming a NED


Including a Spiritual/Religious Element in Your Life

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