Our Masterclasses are provided to Pluralists to help them to the tools that will further their Pluralist career. As you choose to expand into a Pluralist lifestyle, we introduce you to a variety of ways to pursue it. Your branding, presentation skills and interaction with social media are all covered as well as more career specific topics. We aim to give you a taste of the wide world of possibilities open to you and to give you the tools to take these opportunities in both hands.

The events cover an introduction to the topic and to the speaker, your route into it, and a change to explore why you should do it. We provide a speaker who has specialist knowledge of the topic and often has personal experience of a Pluralist career.


Many Pluralists leave their traditional careers with a wealth of specialised skills which they want to share with others. The Pluralists Consulting Masterclass will show you how to do this, and make a bit of money at the same time! We help you understand the opportunities that are open to you as a Pluralist, and advise on deciding your consulting niche.

If you are looking to share your knowledge and profit from it, this is the Masterclass for you!


Pluralists can find that they want to change their self-branding as they expand their horizons. Your Pluralist image can be anything you want it to be and this Masterclass refreshes your ability to change it. Every Pluralist understands the importance of self-branding and we help you to choose how you will do it.

As a Pluralist diversifies it is often vital to reconsider their image and this Masterclass creates an easy, simple journey.


Our Pluralists frequently want to be able to share and record their Pluralist journeys with friends and family as well as professionally. We provide the lowdown to setting up a blog, maximising its exposure, and how to share your Pluralist journey and insights with only a few clicks.

You may be the Pluralist to inspire the next generation!


Our Pluralists often find that they want to pass on their knowledge in a more formal setting once their traditional career has come to its end. Going back into the classroom is something that many Pluralists find fulfilling and this Masterclass aims to help you make the transition with ease.

If you, as a Pluralist, have considered passing on your knowledge to the next generation, this may be the Masterclass for you!

Property Investment

Most of our Pluralists have a property interest when they first come to us and this Masterclass aims to both communicate the process of property investment and explain the risks, rewards and responsibilities of investing in property.

Property investing is very attractive to many Pluralists and this Masterclass makes the journey there a piece of cake.

Hobby to Business

Most of our Pluralists have hobbies that they enjoy and would like to share that enjoyment of others. But have you considered making a business out of it? Related to the fundamental ideology of the Pluralist Club, this Masterclass gives all the trips to monetising your hobby!

Hobbies, for the modern Pluralist, are not just for your garden on a Sunday afternoon; a Pluralist can make a career out of sharing their hobby!


Our Pluralists often find that they want to pass on their knowledge to those in their own industry or specialism. Our Coaching Masterclass explains how to create the contacts to pass on your knowledge and the best techniques for doing so!

Pluralists’ fundamental belief is that sharing knowledge and contacts leads to the most fulfilling life!

Time Management

Pluralists often find that, once they have changed their career trajectory, they struggle to balance their time. This Masterclass gives you the tools to create harmony in your Pluralist career. Revitalise your ability to plan, prioritise and delegate so you have all the time in the world to pursue your Pluralist interests.

A simple change in habits can increase your productivity by up to 40%!

Writing Your Best Seller

Pluralists, as they come to the end of their traditional career, commonly want to write about their experiences or take up the writing that they could never prioritise before now. This Masterclass gives you the advice on how to finally write your best seller and the inspiration to sit down and write.

If your book has been locked away inside you, this will give you the tools to release your creativity to maximum effect.

Becoming an Angel Investor

Many Pluralists have interests in future business developments, and this Masterclass gives the taste to help you decide if it is something you want to pursue. We share the long-term opportunities open to you as a Pluralist and advice of the benefits and risks that angel investment entails.

Angel investment is an exciting opportunity with which many Pluralists can pursue their altruistic interests with chances of a return.

Public Service

Pluralists are often attracted to altruistic ventures and whether you want to set up your own charity or donate to a charity with a mission you support, this Masterclass is designed to help you to best utilise your money in your charitable endeavours.

If you have not been sure where your money will go to best use, we aim to help you decide to which cause you most want to donate.

Becoming a NED

Many of our Pluralists find at the end of their traditional career that they would like to still have some involvement in their original line by becoming a NED. We provide the Masterclass that shows where to find the contacts and opportunities to do so.

A great way to continue to use your expertise as a Pluralist and we give you the tools to do it!


Many Pluralists have artistic pursuits that fell by the wayside as they pursued their traditional career. This Masterclass reintroduces the modern Pluralist to their creative side, gives you the tools to chase your dreams and the advice on how to do it profitably.

Many of the Artistes in history were what we consider Pluralists to be, and we aim to inspire you to seize the day!

Including a Spiritual/Religious Element in Your Life

Many Pluralists find that they have an element of faith embedded in their life already. This Masterclass aims to introduce the different ways of including and potentially expanding that faith in your life.

Pluralists sometimes find that at the end of their traditional careers that they lack purpose and the inclusion of faith can revitalise their sense of purpose.

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