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Are you too young to think about retirement?
Despite the liberalisation of retirement age and our ever-increasing lifespan, we remain stuck in traditional mindsets about how our lives will look once we are over 50.   Gold carriage clocks and Over 50s Life Insurance aside, the idea that we will quietly hang up our briefcases the day before our 65th birthdays and then turn our attention to gardening seems extraordinarily arcane and yet that still appears to be what most of our employers expect. 
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Mind the ego gap - are you in touch with your inner worth?
How’s your ego?   It can be an incendiary word that is used almost exclusively in the context of self-importance but in fact it means, more literally, one’s sense of self-worth which could be high, low or somewhere in between.
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The thin line between a successful career & being unemployable
Guest post by Keith Miller, Executives for the Digital Economy
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What do you think charity means?
We probably all occasionally drop a few coins into collection tins or buy raffle tickets.  We may sponsor marathon runners, run a stall at the school fete or offer a prize.  Some of us might be in a position to donate corporate sponsorship or allow employees to take time off for voluntary work.  Most of us have charities we favour.  Many of us have ideas about how we would improve the world.  But what do we do about it?
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Time managing your ambitions. Do the sums add up?
I talk a lot about all the things Pluralists can do and how amazing their lives could be.  All those exciting opportunities out there and the Club ready to support and guide you.  All those long-standing ambitions about to be realised.  A new you and a helpful group of people cheering you on.
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Time to consider a voluntary role that’s been around for 650 years
Pluralists have all sorts of interests: fiscal, educational, charitable and municipal to cover just a few of the bases.  A combination of activities is what makes a Pluralist and the main constraint I have identified is that of time rather than a lack of interest.  Today I am going to talk about a role that requires a time commitment but which, for the right people, will be rewarding and fascinating in equal measure.
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Bridging the communication gap across the generations (Part 2)
What is the culture that Baby Boomers/Generation X can share?  LBB/GX bring a culture of quality, work ethic, and reciprocal relationships, in which the organisation and the employee work together to achieve a common goal. 
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Bridging the communication gap across the Generations (Part 1)
Late Baby-Boomers, Gen X and Millennials are the three biggest generations in the workplace right now. Millennials sometimes garner a disparaging view from their older contemporaries, but it’s a two-way street. So, what can they teach each other to capitalise on their collective strengths?
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It takes time to form new habits and break old ones (Part 4)
I’ve been talking about moving forward with resolutions for a few weeks now and for my final part of this series I want to focus on the hardest element of change – our existing character.  It’s a truism that the only thing in the way of our success is ourselves so in order to achieve what we want it’s vital that we are completely honest with ourselves.

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