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Do you value your knowledge (and know how to use it wisely)?

Most of the pluralists I know have fingers in a number of pies but it is less usual to find someone who has pies in a number of sectors.  We tend to stick to what we know – and rightly for the most part – since our expertise and experience usually keep us going down the same track, even if there are little diversions away from the main road.

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Are you too young to think about retirement?

Despite the liberalisation of retirement age and our ever-increasing lifespan, we remain stuck in traditional mindsets about how our lives will look once we are over 50.   Gold carriage clocks and Over 50s Life Insurance aside, the idea that we will quietly hang up our briefcases the day before our 65th birthdays and then turn our attention to gardening seems extraordinarily arcane and yet that still appears to be what most of our employers expect. 

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Mind the ego gap - are you in touch with your inner worth?

How’s your ego?   It can be an incendiary word that is used almost exclusively in the context of self-importance but in fact it means, more literally, one’s sense of self-worth which could be high, low or somewhere in between.

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The thin line between a successful career & being unemployable

Guest post by Keith Miller, Executives for the Digital Economy

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What do you think charity means?

We probably all occasionally drop a few coins into collection tins or buy raffle tickets.  We may sponsor marathon runners, run a stall at the school fete or offer a prize.  Some of us might be in a position to donate corporate sponsorship or allow employees to take time off for voluntary work.  Most of us have charities we favour.  Many of us have ideas about how we would improve the world.  But what do we do about it?


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