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It doesn't always have to be about making a profit
‘Social responsibility’.  It makes your heart sink a bit doesn’t it?  Not the actual achievement but the knowledge that companies have to think of something to put on their website and into their constitution so it just becomes a box ticking exercise and nothing really changes.  The main problem with social responsibility is that many of the things we need to
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Reinvention can happen at any age -  in any direction
Do you sometimes wish you’d had a different career? Perhaps you harbour a secret ambition to write romantic novels or whittle spoons?  Or you trained in law but regret not choosing physics?  It may be that the career you always wanted turned out to be not so great or that it has simply run its course.  Working from our early twenties until whenever we retire is a long haul and it’s hardly surprising that we can get a bit bored and dream of better things.
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Environmental tech – a better future or a dead end?
Do you care about the environment?  I’m guessing you do to an extent – we all do – though for some people that caring is about having a zero carbon footprint and for others it’s about not leaving the tap running whilst brushing their teeth.  Whatever your view on it, investing in and creating environmental technology continues to promise much.  The question is whether it can deliver.
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Do you value your knowledge (and know how to use it wisely)?
Most of the pluralists I know have fingers in a number of pies but it is less usual to find someone who has pies in a number of sectors.  We tend to stick to what we know – and rightly for the most part – since our expertise and experience usually keep us going down the same track, even if there are little diversions away from the main road.
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Are you too young to think about retirement?
Despite the liberalisation of retirement age and our ever-increasing lifespan, we remain stuck in traditional mindsets about how our lives will look once we are over 50.   Gold carriage clocks and Over 50s Life Insurance aside, the idea that we will quietly hang up our briefcases the day before our 65th birthdays and then turn our attention to gardening seems extraordinarily arcane and yet that still appears to be what most of our employers expect. 

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