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Do you have a shoulder to cry on?
Whatever the cause of the stresses in your life, it’s a truism that a problem shared is problem, if not halved, then very much easier to deal with.  Talking things through, as I’ve said many times before, is always a helpful way to develop and crystallise one’s thinking and there are usually plenty of people to have those sorts of conversations with.
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Baby steps are the best route to a successful Pluralist career 
I love the enthusiasm of new Pluralists.  Those who join the Pluralists Club – and those who talk to me about it prior to committing – are full of ideas and excitement.  Their brains are firing away in all directions, they’re exploring a great wide range of interesting new options, they’re completely ready to jump into a new life.
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Are you over committed? Is it time to quit?
No!  I don’t mean quitting your Pluralist life but I have been thinking about all the things I do and have done and I’m wondering about whether I should put some of them aside. It’s amazing how our commitments stack up, incrementally, until we realise that every moment of the day is accounted for.  It’s so easy to agree to things, to take on a ‘little’ project, to add one day a month (it’s only a day!).  It’s easy to get involved in a discussion, have strong views, feel passionately about something, only for it all to translate into an obligation we slightly resent. 
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Time management: think of a number..and double it
There are many common themes amongst the conversations I hear at Pluralist Club events but the word I probably hear the most is ‘time’.  Time to do all our work, time to fit in meetings, time to research new projects … time always seems to be in short supply. However, there are also occasions when time is our enemy in the opposite way.  We rush about making arrangements and plans, only to find that other people aren’t ready.  We believe that we have got organisations involved, only to find that their decision-making processes are glacial, leaving us high and dry.  The more people and companies involved in a project there are, the longer the chain gets and the slower everything becomes.
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Tunnel Vision is a Pluralist speciality, but you need more than one tunnel
You would think that tunnel vision or single-mindedness would be incompatible with the Pluralist lifestyle but in my experience it is in fact a vital component of a successful portfolio career – the trick is to have several tunnels.
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Resilience is a must for successful Pluralists
I rather like the way that ‘resilience’ is a noun that applies to both people and materials in similar ways.  ‘The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness’ and ‘the ability of a substance to spring back into shape; elasticity’ (Oxford English Dictionary).  Resilience is a quality we all need but particularly if we are going to put ourselves out there and offer ourselves up for new roles or experiences.
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September is a good time for new resolutions
Even if you don’t have children at school, it’s impossible to escape the New Term feeling around us in early September.  The shops, newspapers and TV schedules all tell us that summer is over, as do the longer and colder nights.  Unlike New Year, we are feeling relaxed and refreshed at the end of summer, rather than bloated and hungover as we often do in early January.  It seems like a good time to review our lives and think about what we are going to do next.
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What would your friends say about you (and have you asked)?
It’s hard to know how other people see us and however they do, it’s even harder to try to be someone you are not.  Most of us have probably reached a stage in life where we no longer try to fit in with other people’s ideas of what makes a useful or interesting person.  That said, we almost certainly have characteristics which our friends readily identify and to which we are oblivious, or, at best, indifferent.  Yet these characteristics are often the ones we should be using, developing or taking into new fields. 
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Taking time out: what will the summer do for you?
As I write, those of my children still at school have just broken up for the holidays and sun-filled weeks of carefree joy stretch ahead of them until September, after which they will go up a year and embark of the next stage of their educations refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead.  Well, that’s the theory anyway.  The reality of course will be squabbles, boredom, rainy days, lack of parental engagement, long car trips to disappointing places and, if we manage to fit it in, a trip to stay somewhere else where all these things will be intensified.
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Who’s taking care of your professional development?
Being the boss, being self-employed, having a portfolio career, volunteering – these are all things I see Pluralists doing but all are environments where it can be hard to assess the gaps in your career development or to access the training you need.
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It doesn't always have to be about making a profit
‘Social responsibility’.  It makes your heart sink a bit doesn’t it?  Not the actual achievement but the knowledge that companies have to think of something to put on their website and into their constitution so it just becomes a box ticking exercise and nothing really changes.  The main problem with social responsibility is that many of the things we need to
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Reinvention can happen at any age -  in any direction
Do you sometimes wish you’d had a different career? Perhaps you harbour a secret ambition to write romantic novels or whittle spoons?  Or you trained in law but regret not choosing physics?  It may be that the career you always wanted turned out to be not so great or that it has simply run its course.  Working from our early twenties until whenever we retire is a long haul and it’s hardly surprising that we can get a bit bored and dream of better things.
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Environmental tech – a better future or a dead end?
Do you care about the environment?  I’m guessing you do to an extent – we all do – though for some people that caring is about having a zero carbon footprint and for others it’s about not leaving the tap running whilst brushing their teeth.  Whatever your view on it, investing in and creating environmental technology continues to promise much.  The question is whether it can deliver.
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Do you value your knowledge (and know how to use it wisely)?
Most of the pluralists I know have fingers in a number of pies but it is less usual to find someone who has pies in a number of sectors.  We tend to stick to what we know – and rightly for the most part – since our expertise and experience usually keep us going down the same track, even if there are little diversions away from the main road.
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Are you too young to think about retirement?
Despite the liberalisation of retirement age and our ever-increasing lifespan, we remain stuck in traditional mindsets about how our lives will look once we are over 50.   Gold carriage clocks and Over 50s Life Insurance aside, the idea that we will quietly hang up our briefcases the day before our 65th birthdays and then turn our attention to gardening seems extraordinarily arcane and yet that still appears to be what most of our employers expect. 
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Mind the ego gap - are you in touch with your inner worth?
How’s your ego?   It can be an incendiary word that is used almost exclusively in the context of self-importance but in fact it means, more literally, one’s sense of self-worth which could be high, low or somewhere in between.
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The thin line between a successful career & being unemployable
Guest post by Keith Miller, Executives for the Digital Economy
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What do you think charity means?
We probably all occasionally drop a few coins into collection tins or buy raffle tickets.  We may sponsor marathon runners, run a stall at the school fete or offer a prize.  Some of us might be in a position to donate corporate sponsorship or allow employees to take time off for voluntary work.  Most of us have charities we favour.  Many of us have ideas about how we would improve the world.  But what do we do about it?
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Time managing your ambitions. Do the sums add up?
I talk a lot about all the things Pluralists can do and how amazing their lives could be.  All those exciting opportunities out there and the Club ready to support and guide you.  All those long-standing ambitions about to be realised.  A new you and a helpful group of people cheering you on.
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Time to consider a voluntary role that’s been around for 650 years
Pluralists have all sorts of interests: fiscal, educational, charitable and municipal to cover just a few of the bases.  A combination of activities is what makes a Pluralist and the main constraint I have identified is that of time rather than a lack of interest.  Today I am going to talk about a role that requires a time commitment but which, for the right people, will be rewarding and fascinating in equal measure.
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Bridging the communication gap across the generations (Part 2)
What is the culture that Baby Boomers/Generation X can share?  LBB/GX bring a culture of quality, work ethic, and reciprocal relationships, in which the organisation and the employee work together to achieve a common goal. 
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Bridging the communication gap across the Generations (Part 1)
Late Baby-Boomers, Gen X and Millennials are the three biggest generations in the workplace right now. Millennials sometimes garner a disparaging view from their older contemporaries, but it’s a two-way street. So, what can they teach each other to capitalise on their collective strengths?
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It takes time to form new habits and break old ones (Part 4)
I’ve been talking about moving forward with resolutions for a few weeks now and for my final part of this series I want to focus on the hardest element of change – our existing character.  It’s a truism that the only thing in the way of our success is ourselves so in order to achieve what we want it’s vital that we are completely honest with ourselves.
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It takes time to form new habits and break old ones (Part 3)
Failure.  That’s a hard thing to accept.  I have experienced plenty of failures both professional and personal.  Indeed, I would be suspicious of anyone who claimed to have lived a failure-free life; that’s just not possible.  Having said that, we rarely – if ever – set out to fail.
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It takes time to form new habits and break old ones (Part 2)
In my last post I talked about the four things you need to focus on to keep pushing your future forwards, but of course in order to get started the first port of call is a good PLAN.  Now there’s a word that covers a multitude of sins!
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It takes time to form new habits and break old ones (Part 1)
How are your new year’s resolutions going?  We have reached the stage in the year when reality starts to collide with our good intentions and all those promises we made can start to slip away.  You made those resolutions because you want change and that is still the case, so what’s the solution?

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