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Trapped at home?  Here's how to make it count

As I write this, the coronavirus continues to dominate headlines with the situation changing every few hours.  Every day we wonder whether things are going ahead or not, whether people will be able or willing to attend events or meetings, whether we ourselves want to go out and about and risk infection.  Some of us have already had to self-isolate and there is a reasonable chance that we will all be doing it in due course.

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Just say 'No'

Do you find it easy to say No? Naturally there are plenty of situations when that is the straightforward answer but we all know how hard it can be in certain circumstances.  A close friend or relative is harder to say No to than a stranger.  From refusing a second slice of cake to managing our time, learning to say No is one of the most vital skills we need.  Here are my top tips:

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How's the wife? Are you getting your life / work balance right?

I don’t literally mean your wife but I do want to ask about your home life.  Since reading the Howard Kennedy research into relationship breakdown and the workplace, I’ve been thinking about the impact work has on the private lives of high earners and how success can have such unfortunate consequences.

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Are you sitting comfortably?  You shouldn't be!

I spend a lot of time thinking about my goals - and sometimes it feels like I’m never going to reach them - but what do we do when we have achieved them?  If you’re anything like me, you start thinking about the next thing (if you haven’t already embarked on it) but my question today is, does that next thing actually challenge you?

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Not just a drink. How to enjoy wine as an investment

This week I am handing over my Pluralists Newsletter to Caspar Bowes of Bowes Wine with whom we have started a Pluralists Club Wine Offer.  Members get a wine voucher every month and Caspar will regularly attend our Pluralists Opportunity Club events with some wine to taste and talk about.  Caspar is also an expert in wine investing so his insights below will be of interest to members and non-members alike.


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