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Would you like to join us?

I hope you have had a marvellous summer.  As we move into the Autumn never has the desire to move into a portfolio/plural life been greater.  I recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn and discovered that over 80% of people are keen to move out of a regular full-time job into a better way of balancing work and pleasure. 

The desire to improve outcomes and balance risk grows all the time and, quite simply, the best way to do this is to develop a life where you have more autonomy, by creating several income streams. 

Today, the most satisfied people run businesses, advise via consultancy, coaching and NED roles whilst earning and taking great satisfaction from activities such as writing and selling their professional skills in areas such as music, photography and even acting.  Others generate income and capital returns from activities like investing in the stock market or commodities and antiques, becoming an angel investor and, of course, maintaining a property portfolio.

The biggest challenges are not finding something to do that replaces the 9-5 life or working from home.  They are working out how to maximise your income from the many possible options available and finding a like-minded clan of people who can both understand and help. 

I set up The Pluralists Club to support all of us as we break free from the old ways.  We meet up regularly (including at our London Clubhouse) to learn from experts about the manifold opportunities available to us and to share and support each other through the highs (and sometimes lows) of this fascinating and satisfying way of life. 

Between us we have skills in all the possible areas of pluralism.  Indeed, from time to time we have even launched new projects together.  Essentially, we offer the camaraderie of an office life, but without the chains of 9-5.

There are plenty of tricks to making a success of pluralism, not least how to earn very well from what you do and how to create the efficiencies that improve outcomes further still.  Through Club membership you get to know them. 

We regularly bring in expert speakers to talk to the Club.  Why do we do this?  It is because know how valuable it is for members to understand current trends and issues.  This knowledge enables our members to have greater context and value when they go out into the world.  We don’t just get any old speaker however.  We invite people who explain about the most important issues of the day.  That is why Dominic Frisby joined us this summer to talk about Bitcoin, for example.  Previous speakers have included representatives from the inner circle at Extinction Rebellion, MPs, and The World Gold Council.    From September David Smith, Economics Editor at The Sunday Times will be speaking once a month to keep us on top of what is happening. 

There are direct opportunities to work with the most exciting SMEs too.  Our Meet the Founder events take place twice a month.  This is your opportunity to join a company that both needs and wants you.

Would you like to join us?  We would love it if you would.

And I would be very happy to have a chat to you anytime.  Just email or call me and I will put a slot for you into my diary.  ( or 07736 676 212)

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