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Trapped at home?  Here's how to make it count

As I write this, the coronavirus continues to dominate headlines with the situation changing every few hours.  Every day we wonder whether things are going ahead or not, whether people will be able or willing to attend events or meetings, whether we ourselves want to go out and about and risk infection.  Some of us have already had to self-isolate and there is a reasonable chance that we will all be doing it in due course. 

This has affected – or will affect – people in a range of ways.  For many it is a disaster; they are unable to earn and have limited resources to cope with an indefinite period spent in economic limbo.  For others it’s a huge disappointment with holidays postponed, sporting fixtures played behind closed doors and long-laid plans up in the air.   I know that for many there is considerable anxiety on our own or others’ behalf where underlying health conditions could make coronavirus very serious indeed.

However, I have to admit that there is also an interesting sense of freedom around at the moment.  I think we secretly rather yearn for the world to be turned upside down - so long as there is no danger of running out of loo paper of course.  Emergencies and national crises can strip our lives back to their essentials and throw our priorities into sharp relief.  Why do we go to so many meetings?  Why are we sitting on the tube at the same time every day?  Why is there always such a long (and apparently never-ending) To Do list?

If you are stuck at home, take the opportunity to have a good think about what you want from life and maybe use some of the time you are not in meetings or on the tube to good effect.  This is a chance to reconnect with yourself, your family and those old ambitions.  Once you’ve done that, here are my top suggestions for passing the time:

  • Learn a language
  • Try a new recipe every day for a week
  • Write the first three chapters of your novel
  • Clear your domestic To Do list
  • Update your will
  • Organise a post-coronavirus party
  • Identify and learn an exercise regime you can do in your own home
  • Fill two boxes for the charity shop
  • Read five books you’ve never got round to

The Pluralists Club will keep going, sharing ideas, thoughts and opportunities either in person or virtually throughout this situation and doubtless through many more.

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