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Time managing your ambitions. Do the sums add up?

I talk a lot about all the things Pluralists can do and how amazing their lives could be.  All those exciting opportunities out there and the Club ready to support and guide you.  All those long-standing ambitions about to be realised.  A new you and a helpful group of people cheering you on.

Another thing that I work on with Pluralists, however, is helping them to calculate what exactly is possible.  There are a finite number of hours in the day and there is a limit to what can be monetised.  New projects require time spent on research and planning.  Hours spent doing one job means hours not spent on another.  Learning new skills takes a chunk out of the day and, again, brings no immediate reward.  On top of all this, we all have downtime commitments to friends, family and personal projects; it’s important to keep the fundamentals in sight or what’s the point of it all?

People with time to spare can very easily develop a Pluralist career and do so at their leisure but if you are already working full time, you not only need to find time to develop your Pluralist interests but you then need to wait until those interests are bringing in dividends.  Even raising your online profile requires constant and imaginative commitment.  Blogging means not just thinking of things to say and getting them written down but also promoting your content.  The days you spend in that advisory or NED role are days you don’t spend behind your desk.

There’s no point in embarking on a Pluralist career if you aren’t in a position to follow through with it.  The first step to take is calculating exactly what will work and what won’t and that is where the Club comes in.  We will sit down with you and go through a month-by-month, pound-by-pound review to pinpoint the scope available for you to develop your Pluralist future.  By arming yourself with bespoke analysis, you will be ready to tackle the challenges that a Pluralist life will certainly bring.

My goal is to set Pluralists free by giving them the best tools to manage their ambitions.  

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