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My team and I have been having a lot of fun coming up with ideas for things to do virtually so that Pluralist Club members continue to enjoy the benefits of our community.  Our normal routine of speakers, trips, events and socialising is carrying on but, inevitably, in a slightly different way to how we are used to.

We have a range of activities on a weekly basis at the club and I don’t see any reason to change most of those, it’s just a case of doing them differently.  Technology makes video meetings super easy and we will have our usual range of interesting speakers though we are keen to avoid creating a ‘watch and learn’ format so almost everything we do will be fully interactive.  Our members are curious and engaged so, with a bit of imagination, we are fulfilling our mission of supporting those wanting to develop a pluralist career, even if we aren’t doing it in a room together.

Over the next few weeks - maybe months - we will have our regular Masterclass, Insight and Opportunities Club meetings online.  We will have wine tasting and virtual tours of interesting places.  We will bring forward long-considered plans for a PluralistCast series.  We will talk and laugh and exchange ideas and thoughts.  Members wanting to use this time to prepare themselves for that next position or opportunity will be able to do exactly that, developing their core skills and honing their networks. 

Club members are already are having lively online group chats about how to spend this time usefully; opportunities don’t stop just because the world has changed a little bit.  Indeed, there is an argument that this is just the right time to identify and get involved in new projects.  Once life gets back to normal, we will need investment, jobs and recovery.  I very much hope that we will all have learned how to work more smartly and prioritise the things that really matter so that society can move forward effectively and meaningfully.

Of course this time may well lead to life-changing outcomes in a negative way and I am full of sympathy for those worried about their families and loved ones.  However for most of us this is a blip which, in years to come, will become a cultural touchstone.  Let’s grab this hiatus with both hands and enjoy the chance to be in control of our time and our projects.  Let’s come together to make amazing things happen.  Let’s prepare for the other side of this situation and ensure that we are ‘greyhounds in the slips, straining upon this charge’.


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