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It takes time to form new habits and break old ones (Part 1)

How are your new year’s resolutions going?  We have reached the stage in the year when reality starts to collide with our good intentions and all those promises we made can start to slip away.  You made those resolutions because you want change and that is still the case, so what’s the solution?

The most important thing to remember is that this is not failure, it’s a hiccup.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is the ‘new you’.  Setbacks are inevitable so a few occasions when you don’t achieve the goals you set is fine; how you deal with them is the most important thing and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should abandon your ambitions – perhaps you just need to think about them in a different way:

  1. Are your resolutions realistic?  We can achieve almost anything we want but we can’t achieve all the things we want all at once.  Don’t overload yourself, take things one step at a time and prioritise.  It may be that your initial strategy is impractical or external issues change things; build in scope to review and adjust
  2. Do you have time?  Time is the biggest enemy of a new project.  It may be that you need to drop something else, or get up an hour earlier but, again, you need to be realistic about how long you can sustain this.  Are you going to dedicate time every day or allocate a number of hours per week?  Your personality type will determine which option suits you best and which you are most likely to keep up.
  3. Can you maintain your enthusiasm?  You need to find tactics to keep slogging on, so that the goal remains in sight and, most importantly, seems more achievable.  The greatest enemy of personal progress is the gradual, insidious disappearance of your original drive to change. 
  4. What was stopping you from doing this earlier?  Whether it’s confidence, circumstances, time or self-discipline, it may be that the starting point is breaking those old habits before the new ones will take.

I set up the Pluralists Club to support, encourage and signpost people who are dedicated to broadening their lives.  Sharing challenges and having a like-minded group that’s got your back will give you the confidence to make the significant changes you always planned.

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