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Investment is a natural next step

People embark on a pluralist life for all sorts of reasons; to have a better work/life balance, to explore new options, to pursue a passion or to give something back.  We all have different motivations and priorities but what’s interesting is that trying one new thing can so often lead to trying a whole range of other new things.  Meeting new people opens doors in so many ways too, be they educational, practical or financial.

Our Pluralist Club members – and sometimes interested non-members – regularly get the chance to find out about young companies looking for talent in the Pluralist Opportunities Club which has led to a number of exciting and effective partnerships between young companies and people with skills and experience who want to get involved.

Our next project is to set up a Pluralists Investment Club which will give those who are interested in taking their involvement further a way of having an equity stake in growing businesses.   For those who wish to get involved, there will be a range of sectors and business types and I take the view that, even if members don’t wish to invest, there is a huge amount to learn about developing and supporting companies from watching – as well as contributing to – fund-raising.  Whatever direction a pluralist career takes, experience like this is certain to be useful.

The Pluralists Club has no plans to become an Angel Network but most of our members have been involved in start-ups, whether in the founding team or, from the other end, giving legal, technical or financial advice to new ventures.  When we take the plunge into a pluralist life, we embrace a certain enthusiasm for risk.  Not careless or unplanned risk, but calculated and exciting risk, which will bring new experiences even if the fiscal benefits are unpredictable.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that investee companies need involvement in every way from exactly the kind of people who are members of the Pluralists Club.  People who combine curiosity, enthusiasm, experience and energy are what new companies require just as much as they want cash - though a combination of the two is even better.

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