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Getting expert advice

There’s an awful lot of cleaning, DIY and gardening going on in the land at the moment.  Stuck in the house for most of the day, we are starting to notice and become irritated by all those unfinished jobs, never undertaken projects and ways in which we could have made our environment nicer.  From improving our domestic backgrounds in Zoom meetings to growing our own veg, the nation has embarked on a range of projects.

And this has led to quite a few of us getting stuck.  We begin full of enthusiasm with a clear idea in our heads about what we want to achieve and then, inevitably, reality bites and we discover that what we want to do and what we are able to do turn out to be different things.  Members of the Pluralists Club, besides all the career-related tasks they are undertaking, are also enjoying the chance to tackle some of those long-planned jobs and so I am finding them experts to assist.

We have always dedicated Friday evenings to ‘fun’ stuff and lockdown doesn’t change that.  We already have a wine club and our wine expert, Caspar Bowes of Bowes Wine, is doing monthly online wine tasting sessions.  In addition, we are going to hold a regular gardening slot with Jolyon Humphryes, DSip EGS, of Greenstone Landscaping where members will be able to learn about planting, dividing and garden planning as well as getting identification and trouble-shooting advice.  We are also lucky to have Geoffrey Stafford Charles, MRICS, of Dreweatts auction house who will be undertaking online valuations of those antiques members have always wondered about and talking more widely about how to identify good quality items.

My experience of people who join the Pluralists Club is that they are constantly curious and willing to be engaged.  Members don’t attend every single event, in real life or virtually, but with a wide range of interesting subjects and speakers, they know that there is always something novel to look forward to and good friends to share it with.  They feel empowered to reach out and start new projects, make new contacts and learn new skills.

With cooking, quizzes and many more Friday events planned, along with the usual Masterclasses,  Insight Evenings, Pluralists Opportunities Club and all the other things we do, our members have pretty full calendars but, more importantly, they also have a wealth of new information available to them.  For some people, this is an interesting diversion, for some it could be the start of something new, for all of us, well it’s about constantly learning, adapting and becoming better informed.

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