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Answers on a postcard please

Now the real work begins.  As more and more firms make redundancies, as companies close their doors forever and businesses start to rationalise their operations, we need to think hard about the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who are going to lose their jobs.  My belief is that, collectively, we can find ways to ameliorate the hardship ahead and I’d like to start that process today.

Firstly, do you have jobs to offer?  Are you looking for people and, if so, what kind of people?  Is the gap to be found at the bottom of the career ladder or nearer to the top?  Can you provide work to someone with transferable skills or do you have roles for youngsters trying to start out?

Secondly, do you have thoughts about the kinds of jobs we should be creating?  What industries are ripe for expansion and where will future growth be directed?  Are there sectors which will quietly disappear and can the people working in them be re-directed?  Are there significant skills gaps and, if so, should those be tackled via education or on-the-job training?

Thirdly, what kinds of jobs will be developed?  Will they be highly skilled or is there anything for unqualified people?  Do you think that the government should embark on substantial infrastructure projects to promote employment?  Should we producing more of our own goods and services within the UK or be building trade internationally?

As a constant networker, my background thoughts when talking to people are frequently about who would be a good fit where, who has information that another person might want, how can I put together people or groups who would find each other interesting or helpful.  I love hearing – sometimes months or years later – about the successful outcomes of something that I have engineered.  Indeed, one of the main reasons I set up the Pluralists Club was that I knew it would be the best way to help people connect, grow and discover new projects.

I have friends who have lost or are about to lose their jobs.  I am sure you do too.  What can we do to help them?  Or, if you are in that unfortunate and worrying situation yourself, what would you like people to do for you?  This newsletter is sent to some of the most innovative, imaginative and creative people in the country and I’m pretty sure that, with a positive attitude and a collaborative approach, we can start to solve the problems which are looming on the country’s horizon, so please do drop me an email (or an actual postcard!) with your thoughts and let’s see what we can come up with together.

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