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Would you like to join us?
I hope you have had a marvellous summer.  As we move into the Autumn never has the desire to move into a portfolio/plural life been greater.  I recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn and discovered that over 80% of people are keen to move out of a regular full-time job into a better way of balancing work and pleasure. 
03-09-2020 - - 0 comments
Never apologise, never explain
OK, so I don’t really believe one really should never ever apologise or explain BUT when I look at how public discourse is currently framed, I can’t help but wonder whether apologising and explaining more often than not makes things worse.
20-08-2020 - - 0 comments
What do we do with exam results?
You would have to have a heard to stone not to feel sorry for young people this year.  They have lost their summer, a big chunk of their education, their ability to move about freely and, now, an accurate assessment of their academic achievements for those who were supposed to take exams this year. 
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What’s right with you?
It’s that classic job interview question, ‘describe your weaknesses’ and the classic response ‘I’m a perfectionist’ or ‘I expect too much of myself’.  We all know that the interviewee has a range of other weaknesses but of course they aren’t going to list them when applying for a job.  Once they are ensconced in the role their true character emerges and everyone just has to live with it.
29-07-2020 - - 0 comments
Long term planning
I have often talked (too often you might think) about how lengthy one’s personal strategic plan can end up becoming.  We have a future in our mind’s eye and we can see the steps we need to take but it really never is as straightforward as that and I have been reminded of this in recent weeks for all sorts of reasons.

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