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What is The Pluralists Club?

Success today means using your skills to create a portfolio for life. 

Whatever your interests, your work-life balance should reflect those talents, qualifications, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

The Pluralists Club is for anyone wanting to develop, or who is already enjoying, a Plural Career be that via investment, NEDs, voluntary work or whatever it takes to fulfil your ambitions.

Your future is in your own hands.

Is The Pluralists Club for you?

Do you want to control your careers on your own terms?

Are you looking to diversify your employment and explore and exploit opportunities in new areas?

Are you seeking a better work life balance or have no desire to retire?

Then look no further and join us today!

What does the Club offer?

Career development days with practical and experience-led tuition

Networking and collaborative activities

Confidential support and information exchange

Business, voluntary, social and lifestyle opportunities

Why Join?

Opportunities to help you find your next project

A focus on the range of activities Pluralists aspire to

Practical advice for a successful Pluralist future

Like-minded members with experiences to share





the genre of pluralists





a person who pursues many different earning activities simultaneously or consecutively

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